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Such a sad news... =( I really enjoyed seeing your projects here, they were always so very inspiring!
But of course i understand that this isn't the most important thing in life and wish you all the best! Take care!


Hi Kate. I just wanted to say that I totally understand, and you have to do you. And I hope you make it to Chicago and find that state of perfect peace and joy... because you deserve it. You really do.

Not gonna lie though... I'm gonna miss your blog! lol Please don't stay away too long. Your work (and your words) always inspire me to keep going, moving and trying. So hard sometimes.

Anyway, so so sooo much love to you, and I wish you all the best! :-)


That is what I've always loved about your blog...your honesty. I hope you make it to Chicago soon so you can find your peace and happiness. All the best to you Kate and I hope to stumble across your blog again in the future. :)


blessing and peace to you.

Jennifer Kolakowski

Hi Kate,
I check here each day because your authenticity, your words and your art have ALWAYS been a tremendous source of inspiration to me. I will continue to think of you and pray for all the goodness you so deserve. I so hope you will come back to blogging and on-line teaching. Much, much love and prayers for you. Thank you for this last post.
Jen Kolakowski


Dear Kate,

I have followed your blog for awhile now because I love your spirit, your honesty and your amazing crafting ability. You get my vote for best mini-albums ever! I can relate to what you are saying and really appreciate you loving your readers enough to let us know. I am going to miss you. Take care of yourself and many blessings to you and your family.


Hi Kate - I am so sorry life is not sparkling for you right now - i used to read your blog a few years ago as well and loved it and you and your kids and your dreams for your mini book kit! I wish you only happiness and peace in your life, please take care of yourself, and thankyou for saying goodbye. hugs from andrea in australia xx


Hi, I just wanted to offer best wishes for your future. I pray you find peace and happiness. I'm sorry that things are hard right now. Sometimes a change is just what we need. May it be good for you. I will miss you blogging. Thank you for being a source of inspiration to me. Becca :)

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