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elizabeth rosemond

We're moving from Seattle to Dallas in two weeks. I will miss Seattle (been here for almost 5 years), but I'm excited about the change too. My in-laws live in New Orleans, so I'm THRILLED that we'll be closer :)


That post makes me so envious. I've lived in Utah my whole life- boring! (Utah itself isn't really that boring just living here for 30 years.) I visited Seattle once in May- bought an umbrella especially for the trip and it didn't rain once! Not complaining about the lack of rain though, it was amazing! Would love to visit Chicago (in the summer!) and New Orleans- home of my favorite band ever (Better Than Ezra, have you heard of them?).
Thanks for the random post- it was fun. I would LOVE to travel and due to lack of funds, I have to do it vicariously through blogs! :)

Kate O'Brien

Elizabeth....Good luck with the move! I am envious you will be living back in my beloved south!

Wendy....I have always wanted to visit Utah. The photographs I have seen, it looks so beautiful! I have heard of Better than Ezra! They used to be a favorite of mine.

Thanks for your post! :)

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