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heather fuentes

<3 paper garlands! i am doing more for my shop too. they are just so addicting! we should swap. ;) xoxo.


Wicked awesome page! Need to do a dare. Thanks for the info. Gotta get me some of that!

Carrie K

I would love a package of leftovers :) just the motivation I need to do this book...your paper and embellishment choices are lovely :)

Jennifer Kolakowski


I would definitely be interested in a mini fall kit if you have one still available.

Jen K. in CT :)


Hi Kate! I would love to know more about the mini you have available. Please drop me a line! I am also anxiously waiting to see your other other kit at the beginning of the year. I just adore your work and would love to get my hands on your kits. Have a great one~ Kris :)


would love to get more kit info too..


i have missed visiting your blog. I will be sure to stop by more often. many changes going on in my life, but i am embracing them.

Sasha Farina

i *heart* garlands :D

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