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I miss the Seattle area! It's probably one of the most culturally diverse areas in the nation.

Love your fall mini! I haven't scrapped in months and you've inspired me girly!

Kate O'Brien

Thanks for the comment Michele! And yes, Seattle is very diverse. It reminds me so much of New Orleans in that way!


OH! your mini book is so beautiful. loves.

and on the subject of photography, when you get settled in chicago, post a listing on craigslist for free photos to build your protfolio and get the word out about your biz. your photos are excellent already, and at the very least, you can make money while you learn. :o) i did a few shoots this summer and now have potential repeat paying customers. i too have to get a few things in order before i jump in completely, but it is nice to know "i can do this". oh, and lots of photogs need second shooters, so you can get experience and learn right now.

Kate O'Brien

Thank you SOOOO much for your info! I never thought of those ideas. That would be a great way to get some hands on experience and teaching.

Keshet Shenkar

Love your book! And I hope you get a chance to pursue your photography dreams--you could start with an online class for a manageable piece of the pie!


You are one of my favorite online personas. Simply because you are so authentic and genuine. I am sure that if your dream is to be a full time photographer, you will accomplish exactly what you are looking for. Be and stay determined. All will work out for your good.

Jennifer Kolakowski

Love the Fall Mini book Kate! Building on some of the other comments...maybe a mix of photography + mini scrapbooking online class...after the February class, that is. I think you have a real eye for photography and your self portraits are A-mazing. I would love a class built around the two...taking self portraits and capturing/scrapbooking the real me/you. Thanks again for sharing!

Britta Häusler

Oh wow, I LOVE this!!!!! Thank you so much for this, Brit


oh girl I feel the same way! I need more time. Lovin the book! Wicked great!

Kate O'Brien

thank you ladies for your comments!

and jen...i will definitely always be doing some sort of scrapbooking. i want to do more classes and kits. next year is definitely the year for that. i have so many ideas and plans! i feel like i need to expand my own creative horizons some though and might benefit from a class of some sort myself. i think i might indulge myself and look around for one this winter season. i want one that's a think outside the box and very artistic class. if anyone knows of any online classes like that link me up!

have a great day ladies@


love the album and you def make me wanna get busy making something..anything!!!
i am looking forward to your etsy and those garlands you'll be making and selling.
and yes serving is one of the hardest jobs in the world!!! we always tip really well and i like to tip a little extra when the server is getting harrassed or new or having a rough day!!! i REFUSE to go out to eat with people who are rude and lousy tippers..that can be a deal breaker for friendship with me!!! the golden rule always applys!
as far as being organized and life gets more like that with age..going from ocd to lazy haha. i am a momma of four and finally realized that everything can wait except for the kiddies growing at the speedo f light.
blessings for a fresh fall start tomorrow!!

Kate O'Brien

Thank you so much for your comment! I love your respect for servers. It IS a hard job. But customers like YOU make it fun! And I agree, if you can't tip please go to McDonald's. Especially if you live down south. Servers that work in states in the south only make $2.13 an hour. You basically live off your tips! Here in Seattle we make $8.75 and hour plus tips. So it's much easier to make a livable income. It's a fun job and I enjoy it. I love the social aspect.

thanks again for your comment!

rachel kulak

Is it too late to grab your fall mini? I have been a fan of yours for years. Your creativity is so inspiring!

Sasha Farina

the book is beautiful kate!

Kate O'Brien

rachel...........send me your address. i have one left! :)

Jennifer Kolakowski


THANK YOU SO MUCH for the fall mini kit! It came in the mail today. I love it and you made my day! Can't wait to get scrapping! Thank you again Kate. I will post on Flickr once I start putting it together.

Thanks again!

Stacy Hamby

That mini book is awesome. I am so bad at putting together different lines, do you have a product list? Nothing dramatic, just the brands you used?

ellen s

you so inspire me. i think that is the coolest you get benefits! we are struggling with that right now, at least the kiddos are covered.

that mini is the greatest...can't wait to see your etsy store!


beautiful album ♥

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