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Wow I would love to have a site such as the mountain in the town I live in, its gorgeous!!!! Your travel mini is amazing. You have inspired me to get moving on my own!

Jessi W.

wonderful pics..i've been bad about not taking as many photos since I've been feeling bad so much, but I'm trying to work on that! Your mini is great too!!

Julie Ann Shahin

I love your blog header, I think it's new right? and your road trip mini is coming along so awesomely!!! :)

Stephanie Baxter

I think I might know what your scrapbooky news is...we'll see if I'm right tomorrow!

Elizabeth Rosemond

LOVE Mt. Rainier. It's even more amazing that it can be 85 degrees out and you can still see snow at the tip. Magical!! The weather has been truly divine lately, I'm hoping it sticks around for a little bit longer :)

Amy Coose

OK, you and Stephanie are soooooooo going to have the same scrapbook news, I bet. Love your mini book. ;)

Keshet Shenkar

Love the mini book! Looking forward to the news!


i am so excited "kate the great" is back blogging - i really missed your blog from back "then" - welcome back, i so love your art!!!
hugs from andrea in australia

amy welch

Hey kate!! you know I love your art work & Blog!!! cant wait to here your news!!!

Gabi Alberti



Your scrapbooks are so awesome & very, very inspiring! :)

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