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oh i am just smitten with those minis. you really should do an online class about them. love love love the travel one. and that large bulletin board is to die for. an absolute must have in my one-day (hopefully soon) studio.

Jessi W.

I LOVE that fabric inspiration board. I am hoping to move in the next year and cannot wait to decorate my home just the way I want it!! I have also been feeling exactly like you in the way of making my life exactly what I want it to be and keeping it on the positive track to get far I feel great about it, and I'm gonna keep working hard to get where I want to be:) have a great week, Kate.

Jennifer Kolakowski

Hi Kate,
I don't have a blog, but I would LOVE it if you did another class + kit. I'm just sayin...:)
jen kolakowski in CT


great books!
often the lil mistakes are the ones that make the book more personalized!! : )
i love the yellows in those pillows...and that huge bulletin board is amazing!! i'd like to re-decorate sometime


Brother ali always finds the right words... I just wanted you to know that I am so proud of you and all your recent accomplishments baby. Love you! Keep making magicalness :)


Hi! I found your blog when your Path layout was voted favorite of the week at SC. I love, love, love that layout and have copied it a couple times in the form of bday cards so THANKS for the inspiration! And I love your minis. I've bought several books to do minis but haven't actually attempted one yet. Soon.
My blog is far from exciting/inspirational/etc and I haven't posted anything scrappy in a long while (just haven't been in that mode and we just moved (I'm totally obsessed with decorating as well and LOVE that gray pillow)), but here it is:


Hi - Like Wendy I found your blog from SC Path lo. The lo and the subject spoke to me. Love the mini books. They are my fav thing to do, though not made any in a while. Hopefully you have given me a little inspiration. Thank you x

Julie Ann Shahin

Your minis are totally inspiring! the clouds room reminds me of a Warhol installation I saw once at the Chicago Art museum!

Sherry Williams

Hi Kate. I was an old admirer of your blog back when you lived in Louisiana (i don't think i spelled that right?!?) I, like others, saw your layout on SC and stumbled around to find you here. I am glad you are still creating your art and doing your thing. Your minis were always my favorite too. You seem to have an eye for them. I hope you continue to blog and post your art. :) I thought of you recently-I took a trip to New York with my husband and I forget the song, but it was a fave on your old blog & my husband said -hey there's that song you like from that ladies blog. :) I would play your blog to hear the music while he was deployed so some of those songs remind me of that time and also reminds me of you. Anyway....I really just wanted to say hello and nice to "see" you in the blog world again. :)
Sherry in MD

ellen s

i just love those minis. i neeeed a road trip book and have tons of paper to do it, LOL! you are my insp :)

fab photos, too! i love love looking at them


i dont have a blog but i love yours and your work. i also found you at SC or rediscovered you there. so glad you are back :-) thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

Karen Beth

I am so glad to have found your blog today!

I've never been a scrapbooker but I keep books with odds-and-ends of stuff that inspire me, stuff that I want to remember, etc. Your books remind me of these books that I keep but yours are SO much cuter! I absolutely LOVE them! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I'd really love to get some chipboard and try my hand at something like this.

Really so very inspiring. THANK YOU!

Karen Beth :)
[email protected]


wow fantastic inspiration!! where did you find these clouds! I neeed them!

Penny Smith

i just saw that light (dandelion looking) at Ikea this last month! It is only like $89, and very cool!

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