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amazing page!! you are truly an inspiration. <3

Jessi W

I write in a journal too! But mainly late at night to help me sleep better...i always seem to sleep better if I write and get things out..


Kate! It's so good to see ya blogging again! I have missed seeing your great layouts & minis and how I can always count on you to keep it real. It just so happened that I was diagnosed with depression yesterday (and started meds today). Thank you soooo so much for sharing this. It really helps to finally be at a point where I can be OK about saying that I'm not OK. And sharing this layout, your words and thoughts... it gives me courage. Hopefully, I'll be up to blogging soon and then I can link you up. ;o) Oh and I hope you are living it up in Seattle. I hear its great! xoxo.

Kate O'Brien

thanks for stopping by ladies.

brittany.......i am so so so so happy that my layout and my words meant something to you. maybe helped you in some way knowing that someone relates. and i do. you have a friend in me and if you ever need to "talk" email me! you have a non judgmental ear here in me.

Sasha Holloway

girl you and I are on so many levels of being the same .. I feel you on the journaling, the writing and just getting it out and letting go through art .. I am going to get over the years of abuse and molestation but when I feel like writing is going to help me get it out .. not just that slapping down some paper, podge and masking tape is going to have me smiling ..

I love it .. and so glad to see you back girl .. like I told you BOUT DAMN TIME .. missed all of it.


Penny Smith

OK, how is it that I missed where your blog lived!
It is so refreshing to see your stuff again!

Email me to we can touch base!

Michelle Rydell

Beautiful layout and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing. Love that Brother Ali video too!

Laura Solomon

thank you for being SO honest. We are only as sick as our secrets. The fact that you are speaking openly about an issue so many have, speaks volumes to you being a genuine-compassionate and REAL lady. xox

Kate O'Brien

awww. thanks so much laura! that means a lot.

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