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Jessi W.

Freaky post, b/c I was just telling Anthony how much I wanted a typewriter today!!! I told him it would make journaling for my scrapbook pages easier:):) And I have been wanting to get a SC kit soo badly. I just haven't really had the extra $$$..but one day I swear I'll get one. I love your mini book, and can't wait to see the others!! You are so talented with the minis and your layouts are always amazing too!


dude, so cool!


You are amazing!
Great album, so inspiring ♥

I made something similar a while ago

but your album inspired me sooo much, that i'm thinking about new album! :D

Thank you sooo much :*

(and sorry for my english...)


I just love that mini book! Such a good idea to take with you as you buy things for your new home. Perfect! I am moving soon, so this is exactly what I need. Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer Kolakowski

Love, love the mini Kate! Cannot wait to see the rest.


Penny Smith

what paper is the blueprint?? I love all the papers you put together! Great idea!!

L. Trollinger

This is beautiful...I am definitely going to do this. What are some of your favorite sites for inspiring home decor?

melissa (aussiescrapper)

I just love your gorgeous style, this blog is great, just what I need, my friend Julie told me about you, wow the power of the web. Just love the font teletype you use. Melxx

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Love this! So happy I found your blog. :)

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