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Jessi W

I think in general the scrapbooking industry is down a little, b/c of the economy, and most sites that I've been a part of have been all about having the latest and greatest products..not necessarily the art! So I haven't hung around a lot of places. I've got a new one that I'm trying now, so we'll see how that goes. I don't have a lot of extra $$ to spend on a ton of embellishments, so my pages are always more simple and not layered with a ton of stuff...but it seems like a lot of the places now look for that kind of scrapping. I find it refreshing to see different styles though..not just the layered, tons of products style. Anyway before I write a freakin book on your site. I believe a mini book class would be great. I adore your minis!! have a great week. Love, Jess

Kate O'Brien

thanks for your input jess. much appreciated. you should try

cool place. a lot of my friends hang out there and it's owned by a very good friend of mine. check it out!


dude, love the mini book very much (but that's no surprise.) saying goodbye to SIS is sad ... there was such a wealth of talent and beautiful things to see there, and I'm bummed to say the least. (feeling a bit homeless, actually.) ;)

Kate O'Brien

i actually feel "homeless" as well jen...have been looking into what it takes to start a site like SIS. thinking of taking the plunge, making the investment and doing it myself! seems like a HUGE endeavor but one that would be well worth it.


luv it. Glad to see you back.


my friend and i talk about this all the time. i think the industry is dying down mostly because of the economy, but also because its less of a fad and the only people who do it now are people who REALLY REALLY love it. having worked in the industry full-time (and now part-time) i see there is a huge un-tapped market for something fresh and new. i think a mini book class would be great (!!!), and i would love a class on emotions and just learning how to "speak" in a way I haven't quite learned how to do with spoken words yet. i have never been one to "hang out" on scrapbook sites. i tried, but just couldn't get into it. i do; however, stalk blogs like nobody's business. ;o) your mini is fab (as always). love love love your work!

Kate O'Brien

thanks for all of the comments ladies.

brittany.....i especially loved reading your input on the industry with your experience in the industry. i too feel there is now, more than ever, a need for something FRESH! new. a place for more artistic scrapbookers. and i have this overwhelming desire to DO something. start a site. a place where people can share and learn and grow in their art. i have been thinking about it a lot. now i just need to get something moving and put my thoughts into action.


Hi Kate! So glad to "see" you around! As always your mini is totally cute!! I would love to take another one of your classes. Oh ya, I'm homeless too, lol.

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